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Book 10: Eternal Brethren

Two strangers with veiled pasts, painful secrets
…and a determination to never fall in love.

Shane “Fargo” Parsons is the poster child for Navy SEAL recruiting. He has the commendations to prove it tucked into a box on the top shelf of his closet. After years fighting for his country, he’s made the decision his time with Eternal Brethren is short. Three years and he’ll embark on a quest to learn about a devastating tragedy from his past. Until then, there are missions to complete, which include discovering why someone is digging into his past.

Stephanie Bassett’s career at the CIA didn’t end well. Instead of focusing on the past, she is forging ahead as a teacher in a small town…and a side job few know about. The contract with a man at the pinnacle of his profession is lucrative, as well as perplexing. Something about the assignment, and the target, trigger all her warning signals. It doesn’t help that the first encounter with the gorgeous man next door leaves her bemused and on guard.

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Paradise Point

Book 18: Redemption Mountain

His life is all about following the rules.
This obstinate cowgirl is all about breaking them.

Bram MacLaren is a man with a goal. Build a ranch in western Montana and expand the MacLaren name. Inking a partnership with the wealthy Pelletier brothers, there’s nothing to stand in the way of the dedicated, hardworking rancher. Except the obnoxious and willful young woman intent on becoming the best wrangler in the western territory.

Selina Rinehart doesn’t care about the odds. Becoming the equal of the men who run the horse breeding program at Redemption’s Edge is what drives her. If others see her as cantankerous and selfish, well, so be it. Nothing will stop her from reaching her goal—except perhaps the Pelletiers’ sanctimonious new partner.

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Thunder Valley

Book 16: Redemption Mountain

A frontier lawman, the woman he let slip away,
a sinister threat to her life,
and a second chance neither saw coming.

Ezekiel Boudreaux is caught between two worlds. As a deputy in Splendor, Montana, he’s an exceptional lawman, able to face down the worst criminals. Underneath, in a place no one ever sees, he hides a soul-deep sense of failure and regret which keeps him from snatching happiness with the woman he’s come to love.

Francesca O’Reilly loves the frontier town she now calls home. Her law practice is growing, along with her many friendships. Frannie’s one regret is the loss of the man she loves. After months of courting, he walked away, leaving her confused at his abrupt departure and lack of explanation. For Frannie, their time apart hasn’t lessened the emptiness in her heart.

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Author Shirleen Davies

… to the fictional world of Shirleen Davies.

I write stories about people from different times, with distinct histories, and personal dreams. They may reside in present day or the past. The one thing that all of my stories have in common is the desire of these people to live their life as they choose, find happiness, and achieve fulfillment. Their methods for achieving these goals vary, but their struggles are what make my stories happen.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy dreaming them up!

Pleasant reading!


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Book 9: Eternal Brethren

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