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Rocky Basin

Book 20: Redemption Mountain

Will her love be enough to help this former gunslinger recapture whats left of his heartand his soul?

Griffin MacKenzie loves the town of Splendor, Montana, its people, and his work as a lawyer. His days of traveling the west as a gun for hire are far behind him, and for the first time, he feels settled. Except for an attraction to a beautiful young woman he cant rid from his thoughts.

Carrie Galloway longs for more than her work as a nurse. As much as she craves a family, Carrie has no desire to marry for the sake of companionship and children. Her heart desires lovethe deep, abiding kind she witnesses in other Splendor couples.

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The Cowboy's False Start

Book 2: The Cowboys of Whistle Rock Ranch

Two shattered hearts. A family with secrets.
A second chance for this cowboy to fix the mistakes from his past and seize the future of his dreams.

Virgil Redstar has spent most of his life on Whistle Rock Ranch. Breeding and training some of the most spectacular Paint horses in the country tests his talent while soothing the hole in his soul. His return from college and promotion to foreman provides everything he needs. Almost.

Almost nine years after he shattered her heart, Lily Cardoza’s life is a success. Her work as a nurse challenges and fulfills her. She enjoys rides with her best friend, Daisy Bonner, and occasional dates with eligible men. All is good in her world. Until the man she still loves presses for another chance.

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Book 5: Macklins of Whiskey Bend

What can a cowboy do when his past and present collide?

Zane Talbot is comfortable with his life. Whiskey Bend is perfect for the future he envisions. Managing stables owned by his friends, plus work on a new computer application, provides challenges, and propels him toward his goal of buying a ranch. What he doesn’t need is a relationship with a former goodtime girl who takes up his time while stirring up ghosts from his past.

Sarah Hutchison has thrown aside her party girl lifestyle to focus on earning a teaching degree. Working forty hours a week at a nursing home and taking classes at the local community college leaves her little time for a social life. Not even with the handsome, taciturn cowboy working at her cousin’s ranch.

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Author Shirleen Davies

… to the fictional world of Shirleen Davies.

I write stories about people from different times, with distinct histories, and personal dreams. They may reside in present day or the past. The one thing that all of my stories have in common is the desire of these people to live their life as they choose, find happiness, and achieve fulfillment. Their methods for achieving these goals vary, but their struggles are what make my stories happen.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy dreaming them up!

Pleasant reading!


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The Cowboy's Road Home
The Cowboy's Road Home

Book 1: The Cowboys of Whistle Rock Ranch

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