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Book 3: Eternal Brethren

No regrets. No apologies.
Not that she’d ever accept them.

Tucker “Ghost” Robertson makes the most of his life as vice president of an undercover motorcycle club.

Daniella Sullivan has worked hard to become a member of her father’s exclusive training center for military and law enforcement.

As unexpected attacks target her father and the training center, she must shove aside her feelings for the enigmatic warrior.

Will working for a common goal force them closer together or further divide the two, fiercely protective fighters?

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Book 4: Eternal Brethren

She never should’ve agreed to a girls’ night out.

Quinn “Wrangler” McCord is brash and impatient, known to push buttons, skirt tradition, and be counted on to stir things up.

Rebecca North clawed her way out of a devastating breakup to become a respected paralegal.

A short flirtation at the club’s bar turns into an explosive reunion. When Becca is threatened by the very men the Eternal Brethren are tasked to neutralize, Wrangler wastes no time spiriting her away.

Will a common cause be the thread which holds them together? Or will past mistakes and a secret life he can’t share be too much for either to overcome?

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Book 5: Eternal Brethren

He never believed he’d have a second chance.
She’s determined he’ll never get one.

Nathan “Tracker” Calderon Kincaid excels as a Navy SEAL. Since joining Eternal Brethren, he’d become a valued member of the undercover motorcycle club.

Juliana Stanifer Quintero’s life has been torn apart twice. Once as a young child, the second as an adult when the man she loved shattered her trust.

He’d never refused an order until his commander, Wrath McCord, explained his next assignment. He either accepts the order or kisses his career goodbye — the same choice he’d been given once before.

He’ll not make the same mistake a second time.

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Author Shirleen Davies

… to the fictional world of Shirleen Davies.

I write stories about people from different times, with distinct histories, and personal dreams. They may reside in present day or the past. The one thing that all of my stories have in common is the desire of these people to live their life as they choose, find happiness, and achieve fulfillment. Their methods for achieving these goals vary, but their struggles are what make my stories happen.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy dreaming them up!

Pleasant reading!


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Restless Wind
Restless Wind

Book 13: Redemption Mountain

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