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American Frontier Christmas Food & Recipes

I’m sure you all would love to get a head start on Christmas meal planning. And if you’re adventurous, you might even include recipes prepared over 150 years ago by pioneers in the western frontier. A special item pioneer women carried with them across the plains was their family recipes.  These recipes reflected the settlers’ heritages from Scandinavian pioneers in [...]


The main town of my MacLarens of Boundary Mountains series is located on the shores of the Feather River, in the fictional town of Conviction. My newest release in the series, Heather's Choice, is placed at this location. Did you know Feather River does exist? In the 19th century, the river played a critical role in moving passengers and cargo [...]

Marysville & Yuba City – A History Rich in Gold, Cattle, and Agriculture

My historical western romance series, the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain, is based on present-day Marysville and Yuba City, California…an area rich in history and beauty. Heather’s Choice, book five, is the newest release in this series. The origins of Marysville began when Theodore Cordua leased some land from John A. Sutter in 1842, to raise livestock. Cordua expanded by building [...]

Gunfighters of the Wild West

When I think of gunslingers, an image of a cool, sexy, bad boy Clint comes to mind. Indeed, these gunfighters, both men and women, offer intriguing stories of colorful antics.  During the civil war many men grew used to violence. Having lost their lands and fortunes, they turned to the wrong side of the law when the war ended. The [...]

How I Bring Frontier Romance to Life: Tons of Research

One of the reasons I love historical novels is they transport the reader to another world in a way no contemporary story can—no matter how compelling. Reading a good historical romance is like going back in time. The period adds a lush, delicious layer to the escapism we all love to get from a captivating romance book. There’s another side [...]

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