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Divorce in the 19th Century

Divorce in the 19th Century In 19th century America, divorce was a complicated issue. It involved civil rights, morality, and state versus federal authority. First, let’s talk about the reasons people divorced, which aren’t too different from today. Common Reasons for Divorce American divorce laws varied broadly from state to state. It seemed that none of the courts or legislatures [...]

19th Century Highwaymen of the Sacramento Valley

For half of the 19th century, California was the mining center of the West. As welcome as the strikes were, getting the ore to towns was a perilous and deadly business. Wagons and coaches carried the precious material to towns and brought payroll funds back over isolated wilderness trails, making them easy prey for unscrupulous highwaymen. Many men took to [...]

Arsenic Poisoning in the 19th Century

Before you can solve the mystery of who done it, you need to solve the mystery of whether or not someone was murdered. But, when arsenic was the weapon, murder and mayhem were pretty hard to trace. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="350"] Cartoon in Punch Magazine.[/caption] Detecting arsenic poisoning wasn’t easy in the1800’s. The main symptoms—vomiting and diarrhea—are common ailments caused by [...]

American Frontier Christmas Food & Recipes...All New for Christmas 2018!

If you’re adventurous, you might include Christmas recipes prepared over 150 years ago by pioneers living in the western frontier. A special item pioneer women carried with them across the plains was their family recipes.  So, frontier Christmas dinners also varied based on the heritages of the different pioneer families. Here are four recipes I hope you try and enjoy! [...]

A Frontier Gold Rush Town - South Pass City, Wyoming

South Pass City’s beginnings as a Boom Town started in 1865 when a detachment from Fort Bridger discovered a large vein of gold along Willow Creek. Prospectors descended on the Sweetwater Mining District including the towns of South Pass City, Atlantic City, and Hamilton City—later renamed Miners Delight, after a nearby mine. On June 27, 1867, mountain man Lewis Robison, with two [...]

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