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Notorious 19th Century Female Outlaws

Most everyone is aware of the numerous male outlaws and raiders who terrorized the country for years after the Civil War. Many aren’t aware of the many females who made their living robbing and thieving their way across the west. Here are six of the most notorious female desperados of the Wild West. Pearl Hart Hart was born in Lindsay, [...]

Hotels in the Frontier West

The American frontier started with buffalo trails that became Indian trails. These trails led to trading posts set beside waterways. These sites grew into cities like Chicago. Likewise, the original Indian trails widened into roads, the roads changed into turnpikes, and at last these became railways. Hotels along the railroad, such as those in Chicago, were different than those on the [...]

Allan Pinkerton and The Pinkerton Agency

Allan Pinkerton’s agency grew out of several successful assignments from President Lincoln during the Civil War. When the war ended, the relatively new agency grew, providing detective services for those in the private and public sectors. Rogue Rapids, book 11 in the Redemption Mountain series, makes use of the agency several times during the story of Mack and Sylvia. [caption [...]

Mail Order Brides – Women who Left it all behind for a Dream

So many men and so few women. A reality in the 19th century western American frontier. In the 1800s, Many single men left their farms, businesses, and homes to travel west in the search for a new life. Some for the promise of vast acres of land, others to find gold and silver ore, and a few for tracts of [...]

Indian Tribes of California 1860-1900

Indian Tribes of California 1860-1900 The Native Americans of Northern California, who inhabited the crest of the High Sierra west to the Sacramento River and south to the Consumnes River, consisted of three closely related tribes: Mountain Maidu —Plumas and Lassen counties Konkow—Butte and Yuba counties Nisenan—Yuba, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, and El Dorado counties Nisenan Tribe The Nisenan dwelled in [...]

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