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Characters: Redemption Mountain Series

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Main Characters

Dax Pelletier (Redemption’s Edge – Book One)
      and Rachel Davenport

Luke Pelletier (Wildfire Creek – Book Two)
and Ginny Sorensen

Noah Brandt (Sunrise Ridge – Book Three)
and Abigail Tolbert

Gabe Evans (Dixie Moon – Book Four)
and Magdelena Campanel

Cash Coulter (Survivor Pass – Book Five)
and Alison McGrath

Bull Mason (Promise Trail – Book Six)
and Lydia Rinehart

Beau Davis (Deep River – Book Seven)
    and Caroline Iverson

Dirk Masters (Courage Canyon – Book Eight)
      and Rosemary Thayer

Wyatt Jackson (Forsaken Falls – Book Nine)
and Nora Evans

Recurring Secondary Characters

Characters who appear in several books:

King Tolbert – Rancher, Abigail’s Father
Bull Mason – Redemption’s Edge Ranch Hand
Hank Wilson – Redemption’s Edge Ranch Manager
Bernice Wilson – Ranch Manager’s Wife
Cash Coulter – Bounty Hunter, Friend of Pelletiers
Beau Davies – Bounty Hunter
Stan Petermann – Owns General Store
Horace Clausen – Splendor Banker
Sally Phelps – Bank Secretary
Bernie Griggs – Western Union and Post Office
Amos Henderson – Owns Wild Rose Saloon
Al – Bartender at Wild Rose Saloon
Suzanne Briar – Owns Boardinghouse
Doc Worthington – Doctor in Splendor
Ty, Gil, & Mark Murton – Local Ranchers
Mary Sorensen – Ginny Sorensen’s Younger Sister
Parker Sterling – Sheriff in Big Pine
Dolly – Saloon Girl in Big Pine
Belle – Saloon Girl at Wild Rose
Johnny Grove – Redemption’s Edge Ranch Hand
Tat Whalen – Redemption’s Edge Ranch Hand
Travis Dixon – Redemption’s Edge Ranch Hand
Frank & Hiram Frey – Local Ranchers
Reverend Paige – Pastor in Splendor
Ruth Paige – Pastor’s Wife
Silas Jenks – Owns Lumber Mill
Toby Archer – Runs Noah’s Tack Shop
Nick Barnett – Partner in the Dixie Saloon
Magdelena Campanel – Partner in the Dixie Saloon
Willis – Bartender at the Dixie
Lydia Rinehart – Oldest Orphan
Samuel Rinehart – Lydia’s Younger Brother
Selina Rinehart – Lydia’s Younger Sister
Billy Zales – Orphan – Lives at Frey Ranch
Margaret Zales – Billy’s Younger Sister
Dirk Masters – Tolbert Ranch Hand
Mal Jolly – Tolbert Ranch Hand
Fanny Dobbins – Boardinghouse Cook
Patrick Pelletier – Dax & Rachel’s Son
Delbert Utley – Lawyer in Splendor
Cornelius Ivie – Assay Office
Otis Ivie – Land Office
Lewis Gibson – Splendor Newspaper
Isabella Boucher – Widow – Magdelena’s Close Friend
Caroline Iverson – Widow – Gabe’s Friend from New York
Noah Gabriel Brandt – Noah & Abigail’s Son
Joshua Joseph Mason – Bull and Lydia’s Son
Olivia Barnett – Nick’s Daughter
Rosemary Thayer – Orphan, Stole Pelletier Cattle
Ben Thayer – Rosemary’s Younger Brother
Jimmy Odell – Orphan, Stole Pelletier Cattle
Teddy Odell – Orphan, Stole Pelletier Cattle
Dutch McFarlin – Pinkerton Agent
Adam “Mack” Mackey – Splendor Deputy
Nora Reeser Evans – Gabe Evan’s Half-Sister
Cooper “Coop” André Pelletier – Luke & Ginny’s Son
Tabitha Beekman – Mail Order Bride
Sylvia Lucero – Mail Order Bride
May Bacon – Mail Order Bride
Deborah Chestro – Mail Order Bride

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