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Book 4: Macklins of Whiskey Bend


*Kindle Unlimited Exclusive*

He’s a warrior with a shattered future.
Will past mistakes prevent his accepting
the one woman who might mend his broken soul?

Kellen Brooks is a broken man. Leaving his position in Special Forces three years earlier, he fought hard to build a new life and heal his damaged body. Working for his close friend, Boone Macklin, gives him purpose and a reason to focus on the future. Nothing else matters except soothing his wounded soul and reclaiming the family ranch.

Bethany Hutchison is determined to reach her goal of being accepted into law school. Working as a paralegal in a prestigious firm, combined with hours of classwork, takes all her time. Other than daily runs, nothing else could fit into her already packed schedule.

Kell’s early morning runs on the high school track strengthen his recovering body and clear his mind. Nothing interferes with each day’s goal, until a beautiful, leggy blonde sprints onto the track, stealing his breath.

As their fragile connection builds, an unexpected danger threatens to destroy whatever future they may have. Friends of Kell’s are being targeted, and now the assailants are after Beth.

Kell, book four in the Macklins of Whiskey Bend Contemporary Western Romance series, is a stand-alone, full-length novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

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