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My Writing Process

This post is part of an author blog tour about the writing process. Thanks, Elena Dillon, for tagging me in this blog tour! What am I working on now? There is lots going on. Book six in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain series, Wilder than the Rest, and book three in the MacLarens of Fire Mountain contemporary series, One More [...]

Indie Authors Beware of New Vanity Press Disguised in a New Package

PublishAmerica, a vanity press that has had series public relations issues over the last nine years has spawned a new enterprise. Unfortunately for Indie Authors, under the clothing is still the same predatory beast from the past. If you go to, you are now directed to their new attempt to lure new authors into their turbulent offering. America Star [...]

Who is Buying Self-Published Books? 

       Who is reading your books? A recent article reminded me of the extreme importance of authors, especially indie authors, to become business people as well as writers. If you don't know who your audience is you are unlikely to promote your work to the right readers, thus losing out on a significant following and wasting valuable time.Romance [...]

Giving Away Advance Copies of TOUGHER THAN THE REST

You read right. No gimmicks, just a plain, old fashioned freebie. I’m giving away five digital advance copies (maybe more depending on demand) of my new book, TOUGHER than the REST, book one in my historical western romance series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain. All you have to do to receive your advance copy is be one of the first five [...]

Amazon Purchases Goodreads

What do Readers and Authors think of Amazon's purchase of Goodreads?On Thursday March 28, Amazon announced their purchase of Goodreads. The news was a surprise to many but the most questions have come from the reader/author community about how this acquisition may change the ability of book lovers to honestly communicate with each and share insights. The following two links [...]

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