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The Awsome History of Wild Horses

Swift, robust horses from Spain and Portugal carried Conquistadors through jungles and across deserts in search of gold in the New World. Then, in the 1600’s, Spanish colonists raised these same types of hardy horses on ranches in New Mexico. A few of these horses would run off from time to time and roam the open plains. These wild horses [...]

Insignificant Civil War Battle with a Major Impact - The Battle of Yellow Tavern

Battle of Yellow Tavern There were times when relatively forgotten battles had a major impact on the larger scope of the Civil War. This is one of those battles. The Battle of Yellow Tavern took place May 11, 1864, just six miles north of Richmond at a crucial crossroads in Henrico County, Virginia. It is the site of the present-day [...]

Blackfoot and Crow of the Montana Territory

The Blackfoot and the Crow were two tribes of Montana whose lands overlapped. Both play a significant role in book six, Promise Trail, from my Redemption Mountain historical western romance series. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="225"] Crow Indian Brave[/caption] The Crow, sometimes we're referred to as the “Crow Nation” derived their name from their own native word, Aspalooke (opp-sah-loh-kay), which literally [...]

Surviving the Frontier Winter

Pioneer families worked hard in the summer and fall to gather supplies of food. Then, they canned, smoked, and salted as much of it as they could and stored it away for winter. Survivor Pass, book five in the Redemption Mountain historical western romance series, provides a small glimpse of living in the harsh Montana winters. How Did the Pioneers [...]

Opium Use & the Rise of Opium Dens in 19th Century America

Nate’s Destiny, book six in the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain historical western romance series, focuses on my protagonist, Nate Hollis. He fought as a Union Cavalry officer, losing part of his arm at Battle of Brandy Station. To manage the pain, many soldiers turned to opium when laudanum failed to provide relief.  The same as illicit drugs today, opium and [...]

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