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Opium Use & the Rise of Opium Dens in 19th Century America

Nate’s Destiny, book six in the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain historical western romance series, focuses on my protagonist, Nate Hollis. He fought as a Union Cavalry officer, losing part of his arm at Battle of Brandy Station. To manage the pain, many soldiers turned to opium when laudanum failed to provide relief.  The same as illicit drugs today, opium and [...]

The Battle of Brandy Station

Nate Hollis, my protagonist in Nate’s Destiny, book six in the MacLarens of Boundary Mountain historical western romance series, fought in the Civil War as a member of the Union Cavalry. The Battle of Brandy Station was a significant battle, pitting two great cavalry groups against each other. It is in this battle that Nate, my fictional character, sustains a [...]

Dime Novels – Telling the Story of the American West

The first dime novels were published not long before the American Civil War began. The stories themselves, and who read them, might surprise you! They include my lead character in my latest Redemption Mountain book, Forsaken Falls. Beadle & Co and other Publishers Brothers Irwin and Erasmus Beadle, along with Robert Adams, printed the first dime novel under their publishing [...]

Raiders of the Civil War - Quantrill's Raiders’ and Other Guerilla Groups

Forsaken Falls is my newest book in the Redemption Mountain series. A key sub-plot has to do with a pro-confederate guerilla group I call Price’s Raiders. Researching bands such as these who came together throughout the Civil War was fascinating, and became the source for this post. In 1861 Missouri delegates to a statewide convention rejected secession. In turn, several [...]

Frontier Saloons

Courage Canyon, book 8 in my Redemption Mountain series, takes place in the fictional town of Splendor, Montana. The town has all the required businesses: general store, blacksmith, livery, boardinghouse, bank, millinery, and of course, at least one saloon. Splendor two prominent saloons, the Dixie and the Wild Rose. As with all of my historical books, I do quite a [...]

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