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Gunfighters of the Wild West

When I think of gunslingers, an image of a cool, sexy, bad boy Clint comes to mind. Indeed, these gunfighters, both men and women, offer intriguing stories of colorful antics.  During the civil war many men grew used to violence. Having lost their lands and fortunes, they turned to the wrong side of the law when the war ended. The [...]

How I Bring Frontier Romance to Life: Tons of Research

One of the reasons I love historical novels is they transport the reader to another world in a way no contemporary story can—no matter how compelling. Reading a good historical romance is like going back in time. The period adds a lush, delicious layer to the escapism we all love to get from a captivating romance book. There’s another side [...]

Ghost Towns and Boom Towns of the American West

   Risk and reward, boom or bust: essential to our concept of the Western frontier. The possibilities were endless, but the risks were great and the rewards never guaranteed. For families like the MacLarens (from my newest series MacLarens of Boundary Mountain), settling in a boomtown like Conviction was the ultimate payoff for an arduous, risky journey. Of course, our [...]

The Resurgence of the Historical Western Romance: Why Readers Love Those Cowboys

Last month, Sarah A. Chrisman wrote an article for Vox Media ( in which she details her very Victorian life. If you didn’t read it, I can tell you that she and her husband, Gabriel, are very committed. They wear tailor-made reproductions of period-appropriate clothes, ride copies of antique high-wheel bicycles, and heat their home (built in 1888 in Port [...]

Going Back in Time: A Woman’s Life on the American Frontier

The period of western expansion and settlement challenged settlers in ways inconceivable to us today. It’s hard to believe, with all our modern conveniences and creature comforts, that our ancestors were ever so resourceful, determined, and resilient in the face of monumental difficulties.When you start to do a little digging, it doesn’t take long to discover that women who traveled [...]

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