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Indie Authors Beware of New Vanity Press Disguised in a New Package

PublishAmerica, a vanity press that has had series public relations issues over the last nine years has spawned a new enterprise. Unfortunately for Indie Authors, under the clothing is still the same predatory beast from the past. If you go to, you are now directed to their new attempt to lure new authors into their turbulent offering. America Star [...]

Where is Fire Mountain, home of the MacLaren family?

Big Bug, Arizona Territory Where is Fire Mountain and is it a real place?Fire Mountain is the home of the four MacLaren brothers. It is a town in 1870s Arizona territory that resides only in my mind. Ok, that is not entirely accurate. It is based on several areas of north central Arizona that I have come to love. These [...]

Who is Buying Self-Published Books? 

       Who is reading your books? A recent article reminded me of the extreme importance of authors, especially indie authors, to become business people as well as writers. If you don't know who your audience is you are unlikely to promote your work to the right readers, thus losing out on a significant following and wasting valuable time.Romance [...]

Faster than the Rest - 2 Day Sale on Amazon

On Sale! Two Days Only for 99 cents >>> Faster Than The Rest December 6 and 7 on Amazon: Price returns to $2.99 on December 8. “Headstrong, brash, confident, and complex, the MacLarens of Fire Mountain will captivate you with strong characters set in the wild and rugged western frontier.” Handsome, ruthless, young U.S. Marshal Jamie MacLaren had lost everything—his [...]

Ten Things

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before I admit I was naïve. I’d run a successful consulting firm for many years, and am still an owner, but I hadn’t been in the world of “creative work” before. When I decided the time was right to carve out a portion of each day to [...]

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