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Family, Writing, Social Media and Author's Platform

While Tougher than the Rest is going through final story editing, I have been doing a lot of preparation for finalizing my website, Facebook fan page, and LinkedIn information. Most authors have at least two social media sites they actively monitor as well as their blog and web pages. All are needed to create what has come to be known as [...]

Tougher than the Rest

Coming Summer 2013TOUGHER Than The REST, Book OneThe MacLarens of Fire MountainWho is Niall MacLaren?Niall is the head of the MacLaren family. Oldest of four brothers, a widower with a young daughter, and owner of the largest spread in the northern Arizona territory.  Niall is fascinating and complicated. He is a real challenge to put on paper and more than once I have [...]

Faster than the Rest

Coming Summer 2013FASTER Than The REST, Book TwoThe MacLarens of Fire Mountain series, Who is Jamie MacLaren?Jamie is the second oldest of the MacLaren brothers. He is the hothead of the family. No one is more accurate or as fast with a gun. Now a U.S. Marshal, his goal is to track those kidnapped in the rugged southwest and return them to [...]

Amazon Purchases Goodreads

What do Readers and Authors think of Amazon's purchase of Goodreads?On Thursday March 28, Amazon announced their purchase of Goodreads. The news was a surprise to many but the most questions have come from the reader/author community about how this acquisition may change the ability of book lovers to honestly communicate with each and share insights. The following two links [...]

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