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February 20th – Romance Novel Giveaways  (link)
February 21st – CD Yess Writes (link)
February 22nd – Deal Sharing Aunt (link)
February 23rd – Romantic Reads (link)
February 24th – Lola White (link)
February 27th – Mel’s Shelves (link)
February 28th – The Phantom Paragrapher (link)
March 1st – Natural Bri (TwitterFacebook)
March 2nd – CBY Book Club (link)
March 3rd – Teatime and Books (link)

January 23rd – Romance Novel Giveaways (link)
January 24th – Romantic Reads (link)
January 25th – Eager Reader (link)
January 26th – Lola White (link)
January 27th – Books and Banter (link)
January 31st – CBY Book Club (link)
February 2nd – Kelly Smith Reviews (link)
February 3rd – CD Yess Writes (link)
February 6th – Mel’s Shelves (link)
February 13th – Natural Bri (TwitterFacebook)
February 14th – Hollow Unrest (link)
February 15th – Totally Addicted to Reading (link)
February 17th – Hyper Ashley (link)

October 3rd – Hyper Ashley (link)
October 4th – CD Yess Writes (link)
October 5th – Romance Novel Giveaways (link)
October 7th – Mel’s Shelves (link)
October 10th – Books by Centeno (link)
October 11th: CBY Book Club (link)
October 13th – Boom Baby Reviews (link)
October 14th – Reading to Unwind (link)
October 17th – Apocalipstick the Book (link)
October 18th – Books and Banter@ link)
October 20th – Totally Addicted to Reading ( link)
October 21st – Natural Bri T: @natural_bri FB: link)
October 24th – Hollow Unrest (link)
October 25th – Lola White (link)
October 27th – Romantic Reads (link)
October 28th – Eager Reader (link)

October 12th – Starter Day Party (link)
October 13th – Book Excerpt (link)
October 14th – Promo Post (link)
October 16th – Book Excerpt (link)
October 18th – Promo Post (link)
October 19th – Book Excerpt (link)
October 22nd – Promo Post (link)
October 23rd – Book Excerpt (link)
October 24th – Promo Post (link)
October 25th – Promo Post (link)
October 26th – Book Excerpt (link

September 28th – Books by Centeno (link)
September 28th – Babs Book Bistro (link)
September 29th – Around the World in Books (link)
September 30th – Cassandra M’s Place (link)
October 1st – Lola White (link)
October 2nd – Apocalipstick the Book (link)
October 5th – Boom Baby Reviews (link)
October 6th – CD Yess Writes (link)
October 7th – Wanderbook (link)
October 8th – Eager Reader (link)
October 8th – Kelly Smith Reviews (link)
October 9th – Lady of Books (link)

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