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So Excited... And I'll Tell You Why!


Just finished TOUGHER than the REST, book one in my historical western romance series, MacLarens of Fire Mountain.

I’m exhausted, thrilled and anxious. Exhausted because the multi-tasking required to pull it all together was daunting­­—and I consider myself a fairly respectable multi-tasker. Thrilled because it is just plain exciting to complete a manuscript you’ve put so much of yourself into. Anxious, because I know there is so much more work ahead to get this book into the hands of the readers.

Like many writers, I waited to start memorializing the stories in my head until I had quite a few years in a regular job. Perhaps each stage is sweeter because of the wait, and each small achievement magnified.

Stage one excitement occurred when I finished the first chapter. Then the excitement grew when I received the final copy of the cover design. Cover design feedback has been terrific, so of course, the goal is to create a story that receives as good of reviews as the cover.  Feedback from beta readers, much to my relief, has been very positive. But finalizing the story and getting it ready for reviews, well it’s just such a good feeling that I had to share it with you.

I’ll keep you all posted, but the release date is set for August 1.

Would love your feedback.  How did you feel the first time you completed something so important to you?

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Sandra Nachlinger
Sandra Nachlinger
2023 years ago

I enjoy celebrating every little victory along the way. When my co-author and I finally decided our book was done, I felt a great surge of joy. Then when the cover was ready and the book was on Amazon, I was thrilled. Same thing goes for the first online sale! But the time I remember my eyes filling with tears was when I held the paperback copy in my hands for the first time. That’s when I thought, “Wow, it’s a REAL book!”
Congratulations on your upcoming release. I’ll be watching for it.

Shirleen Davies
Shirleen Davies
2023 years ago

Sandra — all of that sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing the emotions of your writing victories! I’m eagerly… anxiously… awaiting with bated breath my first sales… What a daunting and thrilling prospect!

“Wow, it’s a REAL book!” Yes, oh yes… exactly!

Thank you and best of continued luck with your books as well.

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